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Keese's clients range from international businesses to international startups. The main thing they have in common is optimizing their currency to help them grow.

They all use Keese to help them save time, money, and energy managing multiple currencies.

We share our company's thoughts on currency management and a few thoughts about currency events.*

*Not financial advice.
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The #1 risk as we enter 2023
When a company uses and trades with multiple currencies, that seems like a sign of strength for a lot of people. What they don’t realize is that every currency tends to fluctuate. So while today it might seem great because one of the currencies appreciated, the next day it can fall, which means you lost some money due to that transaction.
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Is it the right choice?
Many companies are thinking about a potential Israeli shekel hedge against the USD, but it’s still something that remains at the proposition level.
The Shekel has continued to appreciate over the past few years, but the truth is that there were also periods where it weakened abruptly.
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Feel safe with your money
If you’re working with more than a single currency, you most likely know that any foreign exchange issues can lead to massive financial issues. Sure, selling in other countries can be very fruitful, but things like foreign exchange issues can end up dampening your profits.
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How to Budget With Multiple Currencies
Let's get your budget ready for 2023!
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By Daniel R
The 3 Pillars of Global Finance
There are three core categories of finance that support and empower corporate globalization, global expansion, and the future of international work: (1) global payments, (2) global payroll, and (3) currency management.

Let's dive in..

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By Daniel R

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