Using a spreadsheet

With help from our Beta Users
Keese can only go so far

We know how important it is for you to keep track of all your finances, so we're here to help. At the moment, Keese App is here to show you all your spendings, incomes, and account balances from all your credit cards and bank accounts; but what about your monthly budget?

We've spoken to 100s of our users, and so many of you are trying to build a budget using google spreadsheet to manage all your accounts. Here are a few templates that might help.

A great monthly spread is this one taken from Reddit: Monthly budget:
Google spreadsheet budget #1
"Monthly Budget"

If you want a spreadsheet with a nice dashboard you can use this one too: Budget with Dashboard
Google spreadsheet budget #2
"Budget with a dashboard"
We also asked some of our users to send screenshots of what works for them, and we are amazing at how creative some of our users are with their savings plans.

If you want to share your spreadsheet with us for advice and/or find ways to save, let us know and we can review it over together!
Want help organizing your budget spreadsheet?
Want help with your monthly budget?
We'll walk you through it on Zoom.
We are not a certified CPA or financial advisor, we just help people the best we can.
Useful hints:
  1. Google Sheets is a great way to share a budget with your spouse
  2. Use this website to have Google keep the change rate up to date: Exchange rate on Google Sheet
    1. Keep in mind that the more detailed your expenses, the more you can find ways to save, but be flexible!
    2. Sometimes quarterly budgets work better for you, not monthly- do what works for you!
    3. Manually inputting is difficult. Exporting all transactions from a bank (or using Keese), helps with putting in all your data.
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