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Some Qs about Keese?

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Our most common questions are addressed here:
  • How secure is Keese?
    Firstly, we have absolutely no access to any of your accounts that you connect to Keese. We merely display your own information in a nice, new, and organized way. Think of us as a bank teller at a bank- we don't store your username/password and we can't do anything to your account, but we can answer a few questions about your money and spending habits.
  • What if I can't find my bank or credit card?
    We are connected to close to 7,000 banks around the world, but it's still possible we are missing yours.
    Please let us know and we'll see what we can do to build it
  • How do you make money?
    Right now we don't make money. We built this to help anyone who is financially behind and looking to get organized. As we learn more by talking to our users, we learn more about their needs and other products we can offer that we might start charging for (for example, our FBAR tool)
  • Can I share Keese with a significant other?
    Every user needs to create an individual account, and we do not recommend sharing logins. With that, your spouse can also create an account and connect to the same banks as you. We support that in every way.
  • How can I delete my user account or my bank connection?
    Once you have a connection to a bank and want to disconnect that bank (with all the accounts associated with that bank as well), you can click on your profile picture, then on the "Settings" -> 'Disconnect a bank". From there you can tell us which bank to disconnect. This will delete all your data associated with that bank.

    In order to delete Keese, when you delete the app off your phone, all your username/login data will delete along with it. If you have no intentions to download Keese again in the future, send us an email to and we'll also delete your bank connections for you.
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