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How to file the FBAR on your own:

  • Click here to open and download the FBAR
  • Click on "Prepare" on the top option with the 'PDF' logo
    • A PDF file will download on your computer.
  • Do not open/fill it out it yet- First, you need to save the PDF
    • If it opens automatically, that's fine, just click save
  • After the file has been saved, open the PDF
  • Fill out the FBAR with personal and bank information
    • We can help you with this too if you need it.
      • See below for some hints
  • When you're done, go back to the top page (first page of the PDF)
  • Click "Sign the Form"
  • Save the signed version of the FBAR for yourself to have
  • Click "Ready to File" on the first page.
  • A new webpage will open.
  • Include your personal information and attach the signed FBAR as instructed
  • Click "Submit"

Save the confirmation information as well as the confirmation email you should receive upon submission
Additional info about filing: https://xpattaxservices.com/how-to-file-fbar-yourself/
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Useful hints:
  1. When reporting a joint account with your spouse, the number of joint owners is 1 (your spouse).
    1. If your joint account owner is your nonresident alien spouse who does not have a US tax identification number, identify your spouse as "NRA".
    2. If you have joint signatory rights but no financial interest in the account, enter the details in Part IV and not Part III.
  2. When filing, you also may need to fill out form 114a
  3. When asked about 'Maximum account value' you need to include pension and savings accounts.
  4. Print a copy of your previous year's FBAR and have it with you to help you see what you did previously.
  5. When converting from Foreign Currency to USD, use the Treasury Reporting Rate that can be found here
We reccommend speaking to an accoutant about your international taxes.
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*This is not an ad, but we do receive affiliate revenue share.
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