Get your finances in order. It's about time.

Fully integrate and organize all your Israeli and foreign banks, credit cards, and savings in one place.

Feel financially at home,
when living abroad
Just because you have money in multiple countries, does not mean you should feel left behind or overwhelmed- especially when it comes to feeling organized.
Stay organized
Just by opening Keese, you can see where you're spending and making money. The first step in financial organization is seeing where your money is coming from, and where it's going to.
Security- Only the best
We work with providers that are ISO 27001 certified in "developing, managing, and providing financial IT services", and are PCI DSS compliant, which represents a guarantee of bank level security requirements and standards.
Save money every month
With automatic categorized and itemized expenses, don't just guess that you're spending more on groceries than ever before. Confirm it. Even if you are using multiple credit cards, we organize it all for you so you don't have to use a spreadsheet anymore.
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