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How Keese Works
Keese Homepage- Global Treasury Management
A real-time view of your bank's cash balances, upcoming credit card bills, and monthly burn-rates across your entire organization.
Transfer funds between any and all of your bank accounts in one place (+11,000 banks)
Analyzing Real-time Opportunities and Risks
Visualize your cash growing in each of your accounts. See your currency spending, live deposit information, and upcoming exposures. Know ahead of time how much cash each account holds, or has in excess, and Keese can rebalance and optimize accordingly.
Lock-In Exchange Rate For 1-Year
You built your projections based on an exchange rate. With Keese you can lock in today's rate for 1 year. No fx fluctuations. Backed by a bank, and the rate's fully guaranteed ahead of time. Learn more here: Locking rates
Global Transfers and Payments in 1 place
With our fx around 40% cheaper than your bank and standard transfer services, you will always be funded. We specialize in internal and international movement of funds, so we're by far the best way to move money within your company.
Finance teams save time, energy, & money
Time: All your international banks in one place
We seamlessly integrate with +11,000 institutions and credit cards, to help you see your company's global cash flow in all currencies.
Energy: Upcoming payments and recent transactions
View upcoming and recent bills across every part of your company. See and export transactions across multiple currencies and organizations (parent & subsidiary).
Money: Optimize international spending
Stop worrying about having enough currency in each of your banks. With Keese, we'll notify you if any of your accounts needs a refill to close out the month. And, we're cheaper than your bank's transfer service.
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